Urlings Publications was started in 1996 as a temporary measure to allow clients to use electronic forms until the Bureau created its own system. The expectation was that it would take about five years to make that happen.

In about 2011 the Bureau finally produced WCIAS and changed all forms, so there was no need for Urlings Publications and I closed the business. I hoped that the Bureau would allow online calculation of interest also. Just guessing, the Bureau does not do so because there has been no standard for computing interest accepted by a court of record. The battle is between simple and compound interest. Traditionally, the Bureau used simple interest. In the past (before my time as Bureau Director) interest calculation was done by hand using julian charts as a service to attorneys, insurers and self insurers. I programmed some HP programmable calculators to emulate the calculations formerly done by hand and continued the service. It stopped sometime after I resigned from my position.

The Calculator program works fine under Windows XP and earlier. Microsoft would not leave well enough alone and created Windows 7 et seq. A client produced a fix that works on Windows 7 and hopefully the versions that come after.


Urlings Calculator Fix for Windows 7 :

1.)    Install msvbvm50 and ignore error messages.

2.)    Reboot

3.)    Copy comdlg32.ocx to c:\windows\system32

4.)    Go to Start/ programs/ accessories, right click on command prompt and chose “run as administrator”.

5.)    Paste the following line into the cmd window:

RegSvr32 c:\windows\system32\comdlg32.ocx

Copy Urling’s WC Calculator to the c: and make a desktop shortcut.


Reboot and test Urling’s Calculator.

Download msvbvm50

Download comdlg32.ocx

Download Urling's Calculator

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